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Thisbuddy belt is the hands free leash system that is designed for active people and active dogs; It is perfect for jogging, cycling, hiking, hunting, and even puppy training. The leash is secured around your waist, leaving you hands completely free for whatever you need.

  • Made from high quality nylonmaterial which is strong and durable
  • Adjustable leash can be converted to a traditional hand held leash
  • Leash connects to belt withbuckle which is easy to wear & remove
  • Quick release mechanism at belt so leash can be released immediately from waist in case of emergency
  • Ideal for running, walking and hiking with small or large dogs
  • Material: Nylon + Alloy
  • Traction Leash: 30 -55 Rdquo;
  • Leash Connect: 6.2 Rdquo;
  • Fits Waists: 23-39
  • Colour: Green
  • 1x Dog Leash Lead Waist Belt
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